Welcome to Ludgate Clinic / 20 Gresham Street.

Specialising in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injury, since 2003.

Our approach balances strength and flexibility through a combination of targeted hands on treatment and focused rehabilitation exercise.

What we treat

Specialising in the on-site treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injury, since 2003.

Back pain – Neck pain – Muscle, tendon and ligament sprains / tears – Hip pain – Knee pain – Foot and ankle pain – Shoulder pain – Tennis elbow – Golfers elbow – Carpel tunnel – Sports injuries – Running injuries – Cycling injuries – Disc prolapse – Trapped nerves – Sciatica – Arthritis – Head aches – Pre/post natal care – Pre/post surgical rehabilitation – Repetitive strain injuries.

Claiming physiotherapy treatment through AXAPPP, without the need of a GP referral:

Step 1: Call AXAPPP on 08081780345 and request an authorisation code for treatment.

Step 2: AXAPPP will arrange an initial over the phone consultation with a member of their musculoskeletal team.

Step 3: Supply AXAPPP with Ludgate Clinic’c provider number: ZZ02576

Step 4: AXAPPP will provide you with an authorisation code which will enable Ludgate Clinic to invoice them directly.

Step 5: Book an appointment by calling Ludgate Clinic on 020 7427 0080, requesting treatment at Gresham Street.

Please note: Under the terms of the bank’s AXAPPP policy an excess is payable – meaning you will be required to pay the first £100 of the total amount claimed each year.