Terms and Conditions:

Please note that we are only able to invoice your health insurance provider, on your behalf, when you have submitted valid details prior to your appointment.

Payment for the cost of treatment remains your responsibility and you will be invoiced for any costs that, for any reason, remain unpaid by your health insurer for more than 30 days.

Please ask your health insurer, prior to treatment, how many treatments you’re allowed and if an excess applies to your policy. An excess is the amount your health insurer asks you to contribute towards the cost of treatment per policy year. Where an excess applies, you will be asked to pay this directly to Ludgate Clinic.

If you are claiming through a health insurance provider other than BUPA, AXAPPP or CIGNA then you will need to pay for the treatment yourself, we will then provide you with a receipt in order for you to claim back any eligible cost.

Please be aware that health insurance providers will not cover more than one appointment on any one day.

Invoices outstanding for more than 30days may be sent to debt recovery.